Windows 10 Spring 2018 Update When is it and What to Expect

Yes, I know, many of you hate Windows 10 updates, especially the big ones, but guess what, Microsoft is addressing that also with the spring update, promising to make them quicker, so you can get back to work, we’ll see. So, now you know when, the only question is what else can you expect? Okay, so here’s my list of the major new features coming soon!
Mute Tabs: What is it? It allows you to mute sound that might be coming out of tabs you have open in Microsoft Edge. Do you have a website open that likes to start playing ads or music spontaneously? Well, Mute Tabs will be an option at the top of Edge, click the little speaker and voila! the sound is gone. Nice, especially when you’re web surfing late at night, in bed, and your significant other is asleep beside you. Not that that could ever be me (smile).
Windows Timeline: This feature I’m really looking forward to. Basically Windows will allow you to click the little icon to the right of the Cortana search bar on the bottom, and up will pop all your activities from the past thirty days in small thumbnail representations. Click on any thumbnail and pick right up where you left off. Sweet.
Nearby Sharing: A quick and easy way to share files securely with those within about 30′ from you. All you need to do is make sure Bluetooth and Nearby Sharing are both turned on. Then when you right click on a picture, music file, or document an option to share is there, click on it, and you’ll see your nearby friends computer, then just click send. That’s it, woo-hoo!
Focus Assist: Tired of all the notifications popping up all the time? Now you can pick and choose what you want to “pop-up” (notify you), and when. After it’s set up, you can turn it on and off in the notification dialog box that pops open from the right side of your screen. The “talky bubble” on the furthest right hand side of your taskbar (very bottom of screen) opens it.
Cortana: Yes, you’re virtual assistant is getting more features and updates, allowing you to have more “Alexa” like functionality, like allowing you to control home “smart devices” right from your computer using your voice.

Okay, as always that’s it for this week. Remember, Microsoft will begin pushing this out April 30, but it may well be May 30th before it pops up on your Windows 10 computer. Any other questions or comments, shoot me an email. Thank you and remember to PLEASE forward this on to friends and family members, you don’t know how much I appreciate the referrals each of you sends my way each month. Blessings my friends.

– Steve